Monday, 4 February 2008

An Unexpected Visitor

A few weeks ago, I heard our cat Monster looking out of the back door growling at a strange animal. I knew it wasn't one of the stray cats as he is used to them coming and going. As I looked out I discovered a ferret on the back doorstep eating cat food I'd put there to supplement the stray cats' diets during the colder days.
After a few moments he ventured into the kitchen to quench his thirst.
With his excellent sense of smell he detected a scrap of meat which one of the cats had dropped.
The fruit basket was next on the agenda as he decided to explore other strange smells.
Gradually I persuaded him to investigate the cat carrier, and once he was safely ensconced, I returned him to his owners who were delighted he had been found...and proceeded to mend the hole in his cage through which he had escaped in order to have his little adventure.
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