Thursday, 30 August 2007

Late Summer Flowers At Barleycorn

For the latest video of butterflies at Barleycorn click here Black-eyed Susan, rudbeckia hirta
White bellflower, campanula punctata
Japanese anemones, anemone japonica
Pink hollyhock, althea rosea
Montbretia, crocosmia
Everlasting pea, lathyrus latifolia
Evening primrose, oenothera
Cream hollyhock, althea rosea

'Black' hollyhock, althea rosea nigra
Coneflower, echinacea
Viper's bugloss, echium vulgare
Sunflower, helianthus annuus
Scotch thistle, onopordum acanthium


RUTH said...

Such beautiful blooms...I love your Hollyhocks :o)

A wildlife gardener said...

Good morning, dear Ruth. It's amazing to me that we have so many flowers in bloom at this late date in the calendar, for we have had little sunshine this summer in Scotland.

smilnsigh said...

All beautiful but I do so love Black Eyed Susans.


A wildlife gardener said...

Good morning, smilnsigh, and a warm welcome to our little corner of paradise. I love them too :)

meeyauw said...

I'm quickly becoming obsessed with black-eyed susans because of the differences. I saw one of mine bloom that looked like yours. A nice difference. Actually I'm surprised that they are in Scotland! (I know little about them).

A wonderful post for the end of summer.

chicca2007 said...

my favorites is Viper's bugloss. but I like them all...

Anonymous said...

Your photo of the hollyhock looks like a pretty water-color.


A wildlife gardener said...

Hello, and welcome, meeyauw. Thank you for your compliments. It's great to compare, isn't it?

Hello to you too, chicca2007. thank you for introducing yourself. I love the vipers bugloss too :)

Becky, you say the nicest things :) Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

I love those hollyhocks too. Very nice photos. So refreshing.

linda may said...

I have been enjoying looking at your photos, especially th flowers as I like to take photos of the flowers in my garden too.
We have a big problem with the viper's bugloss in australia. It is a very virulent problem in sth eastern states where it escaped from someone's garden decades ago and has taken over a lot of farm land & pasture. Stock won't eat it. Just to show that we shouldn't take nature out of it's own habitat. But yes it is pretty when it is in flower. It is called "Patterson's Curse" around here. In South Australia it is known as Salvation Jane and it is sold in flower makets in Sydney as Riverina Bluebell.

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