Friday, 29 June 2007

Annual Poppies At Barleycorn


Anonymous said...

Your blog is very interesting!
Please, send me the photo of your pc desk and the link of your blog.
I'll publish on my blog!.
Thanks Frank

RUTH said...

Mine were so flattened by rain and high winds a few weeks ago and I sadly had to pull them out as they were destroying the perennials they were sprawling all sad to do it. These of yours are lovely.

smilnsigh said...

Beautiful... Beautiful... Beautiful...


guild_rez said...

what wonderful poppy pictures..
My son is using crushed poppy flowers in his anthotype picture process.
The photo-sensitive properties of plants and vegetables have been known to scholars for centuries.
Perhaps you like to read more about it? It is quite interesting.
cheers from Canada on Canada Day

A wildlife gardener said...

Welcome everyone and thank you for your comments.

frank and sisters...I'll send you my PC desk, thank you.

Ruth, my are all flattened now, more or less, but they are staying put as I want to save the seed.

smilnsigh, you are so good for my ego :)

Anonymous said...

Eye-popping beautiful poppies!

Son Poemas said...

I loved the last photo of this sequence. Although, I like all flowers.