Thursday, 14 June 2007

Barleycorn in early June

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Nicole said...

All those colors and textures are so pretty! very idyllic...

Mark said...

You certainly have a cracking place their, definately something to be proud of, i would love a pond like that mine is only 4ft x 3ft, but it has loads of wildlife in it, but i still would like one like yours.

Cheers Mark

Libbys Blog said...

Stunning!! You certainly have an 'eye'. You see I don't I just plonk them in where theres a gap!!!

shirl said...

Hi again, Wildlife Gardener

Thanks for sharing these photos of your garden – they should really inspire others to consider wildlife gardening.

You are showing beautifully that ‘wild’ can be mixed with good planting, simple and inspiring colour schemes.

You have also shown that strong blocks of both colour and plant give a fantastic effect and although you do have space to do this it is still possible in a smaller garden – it just needs a bit more control.

You have truly made a little piece of paradise for the bees, butterflies and other wildlife – I do hope you take time to enjoy it too. Congratulations - your blog title most certainly lives up to its name :-)

Sheila said...

This is spectacular. Every photo is worthy of a frame.
You must have the greenest fingers..!
Thank you for sharing the colour and beauty that surrounds you.

smilnsigh said...


My husband has some poppies and little yellow flowers too, in his front garden. I love to take pics of them. :-)


A wildlife gardener said...

A warm welcome, everyone, to our little corner of paradise.

The poppies are very vibrant, aren't they, nicole? Good for frightening the neighbours!

Your garden is lovely, mark, and your pond attracts so much wildlife, as is evident from your beautiful photographs.

I love your garden, libby, and you are certainly achieving that jungle look with your exotic banana plants.

Shirl, what can I say? You are very gracious and I thank you very kindly.

It's a pleasure, sheila. Gardeners, in general, are great sharers, don't you think?

smilnsigh, you are too kind! Your pics are absolutely divine!

Thank you all for visiting and for your very generous comments.

sugarsandsalts said...

Your beautiful flower pictures make my day.

A wildlife gardener said...

Welcome, sugarandsalts, and thank you for introducing yourself, and for your generous comments.

Manuel Tendero Gil said...


A wildlife gardener said...

Gracias, Manuel!